Application & Agreement for the Membership of AAA’s IDEA

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A. Applicant’s Details

In case of Corporate Membership, particulars of representatives

Sl. No. Name of the representative Designation E-Mail ID Mobile No.
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B. About IDEA and Terms & Conditions of the membership:

International Dynamic Entrepreneurs Alliance ("IDEA") is one of the Conceptual Program for Business Relations Development of the AAA Advisors (“AAA”). In this IDEA program, the interested entrepreneurs are trained about the value of the public relations for business success, an alliance is created among the entrepreneurs and encouraging them to develop their businesses with the mutual support of each other. The interested entrepreneurs, can apply to AAA for the Membership of the IDEA in the prescribed manner, the membership is granted for a period not exceeding 6 months and renewable once in 6 months. The AAA reserves full rights of granting the membership / renewing / continuing the membership and no reason is required to be assigned for the rejection of the application or cancellation of the membership. After confirmation of the IDEA membership by the AAA, the members can participate in the events / programs of IDEA and its chapter as per the rules and regulations issued by AAA from time to time by paying the prescribed fee and the chapter’s kitty contribution. The members should maintain high dignity and business ethics in dealing with co-members and their referrals. The members’ mutual cooperation is voluntary and not mandatory but the performance of the members are evaluated by the AAA from time to time. The AAA designs the IDEA programs / events with good intension for the mutual benefit of members, but the AAA will not be responsible for any defects / deficiencies in the goods / services supplied / provided by the members of the IDEA for the others members or outsiders. Those, who deal with members of the IDEA, shall make their own evaluation and take appropriate measures in dealing with members. In case of any difference of opinion or conflict of interest or dispute among members / between members and AAA with regard to the any matter, the decision of AAA shall be final. The AAA is entitled to cancel the membership at any time without assigning any reason. In case of cancellation of the membership, there will not be any refund of any fee or contributions paid by such member. Only the competent courts in Hyderabad city, India shall have jurisdiction.

C. Declaration and Confirmation by the Applicant

To the Management of AAA Advisors,

,hereby confirm you that, I am competent person to enter in to agreement as per the prevailing laws, the information about our enterprise given is true and correct, fully understood the IDEA Program and agree to abide the terms & conditions of membership of the IDEA, stated in this Application and Agreement

“IDEA” is the Conceptual Platform for Business Relations Development, designed by AAA Advisors (“AAA”) with a vision to develop as “Single Stop for All Needs of the Customers“.

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