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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Who is IDEA’s Member?

“IDEA’s Member” is an entrepreneur (may be Individual or Firm or Company), to whom membership is granted by the AAA after reviewing the entrepreneur’s application. The membership is granted for the period not exceeding for 6 months, renewable subject to the satisfaction of the performance of the member, once in 6 months by AAA. The member is entitled to participate in the programs of AAA subject to the guidelines issued by AAA from time to time, by paying prescribed fee and the chapter’s kitty contribution. The Member shall strictly follow the rules, regulations, guidelines,directions and instructions issued by the AAA from time to time besides maintaininghigh dignity and business ethics. In case, the background, behaviour or performanceof the member is not satisfactory, the AAA can reject or cancel the membershipwithout assigning any reason and in case the membership is cancelled, the fee orcontribution, if any paid, shall not be refunded.

Q.What are the Typesof IDEA’s Members

There will be 4 kinds of Members as follows:   i. Individual Member:  It is personal membership, the membership will be in the name of person, who applies and which is not transferable. ii. Corporate Member: The corporate membership will be in the name of the enterprises, the enterprise’s management can nominate 3 representatives and the management can change the representatives any time.   iii.Multi-Chapter Member:  If any member, may be Individual Member or Corporate Member,wishes to become a member in multi-chapters, they can apply,by specifying the number of chapters and locations in the membership application.   iv.Multi-Category  Member: If any member, may be Individual Member or Corporate Member, has capabilities / skills in  dealing with multi products / services and wishes to become a member in multi-categories, they can apply, by specifying the number of categories and locations in the membership application.

Q.Is Members’ Mutual Business Support Mandatory?

‘Members’ Mutual Business Support’ is the support voluntarily extended by the one member to another member, it may be in form of referring clients, customers, suppliers, human resource or in any other form of support at free of cost without expecting any brokerage or commission or referral fee.  The support is voluntary and not compulsory or mandatory, but the value of the support is reckoned for the evaluation of the performance of the member. In case, any member wants to utilize the services or buy the products of the other member, the price, scope of services,quality of products and terms of payment can be mutually discussed by themembers themselves and utilize services or purchase goods.

Q.Whether AAA will be responsible for the acts of the IDEA’s members

The AAA designed the IDEA’s platform with good intention for the benefit of the members. But, the AAA will not be responsible for any discrepancies or disputes with regard to the quality or price of the products or services and terms of payment of the business deals explored by the members through this platform. Those who deal with members of AAA, shall make their own assessment and evaluation, take appropriate measures.

Q.What are IDEA Chapters

“IDEA Chapter” is group of members, constituted as chapter and named by AAA, the AAA will plan and establish chapters city-wise and area-wise across the world as many as the AAA feels appropriate. There will 2 types chapters as follows: Central Chapter: When any new member is joined the IDEA, until, AAA designates the chapter, such new member can attend the meetings of the Central Chapter, in the city / Town, where the business of the member is situated. Area Chapter: Area Chapter is chapter constituted by the AAA with as manymembers as possible, who are in the different business categories and notcompetitors each other (means one entrepreneur from one category of the business).

Q.Who will monitor the IDEA Chapter’s Operations

The chapter’s operations are monitored in accordance with AAA’s guidelines by the Chapter’s Management Committee (MC), who are nominated by the AAA.  If any issue arises in the chapter’s operations, the majority of the members can take a decision, if there is any conflict in taking the decision by the majority of members, the MC can take the decision. If any members is not satisfied by the decision taken by the majority of members or MC, such member can refer the matter to the AAA and the decision of the AAA is final and binding for all members of the Chapter.

Q.What is the IDEA Chapter’s Management Committee (MC)

The MC will consist of 3 members, namely President, Vice-President and Secretary cum treasurer who are nominated by the AAA, once in 6 months. The MC members may be selected out of the members of the chapter or outside as the AAA feels appropriate.

Q.What is the Chapter’s Executive Committee (EC)

The MC can constitute Executive Committee (EC) with as many members as the MC feels appropriate for effective control of the operations of the chapter. The members of the SC shall be selected by the management committee.

Q.What are IDEA’s Circles

“Circles” are sub-groups within the chapters, constituted by MC with members, whose target customers are common.

Q.Who will monitor the Circle’s Operations

Circles operations are monitored by the head of the circle and coordinator of the circle, who are nominated by the MC.

Q.What are Minimum Monthly Programs of the Chapters and Circles?

The following are minimum programs of the Chapters and Circles are supposed to be undertaken by the chapters and Circles: 1St Week – Circle Meeting, 2nd Week – Full Chapter MeetingIn case, there is 5th week – KYM Conclave 3rd Week – Inter-Circle Meeting, 4th Week - Entrepreneurs Get-together. In case, there is 5th week – KYM Conclave It is suggested to have all meetings during morning hours from 8.00 am to 9.30 am, excepts members awards night, which shall be held during the evening hours from 7.00 pm to 9.30 pm.   Important Note: The day and time of the meeting can be discussed and decided by the majority of members of the Chapter or Circle. The Venue, will be decided by the management committee (MC), however, members can advise any other venue but the decision of the MC is final.

Q.How the Issues / Conflicts / Disputes of IDEA are Resolved?

If any issue / conflict / dispute arises between members and AAA, the decision of the AAA is final and binding the member.

Q.Members’ Performance is evaluated ?

The Chapter’s members’ Performance evaluation is done month-wise by the MC of the respective chapter under supervision of the AAA as follows: Criteria Points Allotted
i. Field Visits with others members 20
ii. Know Your Member (KYM) 10
iii. Testimonials Giving 10
iv. Business Giving 10
v. New Members 10
vi. Attendance (Substitute 50%) 10
vii. Referrals 20
vii. Guests 10
Total 100

Note: Points are reckoned as follows :

i. Field Visits with others members: In any member takes another member and introduce their contacts to other members, the points are reckoned by multiplying the number of members with numbers of contacts introduced. In case, members meet the un-known contacts during the field visit, for each member, one point is given for meeting for each such un-known contact.

ii. Know Your Member (KYM):The member meeting only members of the respective chapter are considered, each member is given one point.

iii. Testimonials giving: : The member giving the testimonial will get the point and the testimonial can also be given on behalf of the referrals.

iv. Business Giving: Business given to any member in the globe is considered.

v. New Members: New members inducted anywhere in the globe is considered.

vi. Attendance: Attending to any meeting or event of the designed chapter is considered, in case of substitute, 50% points are given.

vii. Referrals: Referrals given to any member of IDEA- globally is considered.

viii. Guests : Guests of member attended any event of IDEA – globally is considered.

Calculation of Points: Only attendance is taken proportionate to the events and programs and other points are taken based on the chapter’s average. For example, if there are 50 members in the chapter, all members together give 200 referrals in month, the average will be 4 referrals (200/50), so the maximum 10 points are given for any member who gives 4 referrals and above, in case they give less than 4 referrals, the points are calculated proportionately. Points are rounded off to the nearest number (no fractions).

Q.How members are recognized based on their performance ?

A. Titles & Opportunities for Members based on Performance: The Titles & Opportunities for Members based on Performance will be as follows:

6 Months Average Points Titles Opportunities / Remarks
80 and Above Royal Members Eligible for MC
60 to 79 Eligible for MC Eligible for EC and Circle’s Head
40 to 59 Qualified Members Eligible for Circle’s Coordinator
Less than 40 General Members Renewal is subject to the review

B. Recognition of Monthly Top Performers: The Monthly Top No.1 Performers of Each Criteria are recognised in the entrepreneurs night by inviting them to the stage and giving the mementoes.

C. Recognition of 6 Months Average Top Performers: The 6 Months Average (Jan – June / July – Dec.), Top No.1 Performers of Each Criteria are recognised in the entrepreneurs night by inviting them to the stage and giving the mementoes besides putting their pictures in the venue.


“IDEA” is the Conceptual Platform for Business Relations Development, designed by AAA Advisors (“AAA”) with a vision to develop as “Single Stop for All Needs of the Customers“.

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