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Procedure to become IDEA Member :

Step No. 1 : Interested Entrepreneurs can apply for IDEA Membership on or contact on WhatsApp No. +91-7702817695 for hard copy of the IDEA Application form. At the time of application no need to pay membership fee.

Step No. 2 : The IDEA Management will review and grant the membership subject to the terms and conditions for the maximum period of 6 months and renewable once in 6 months subject to the performance.

Step No. 3 : After granting the IDEA Membership, the welcome letter will be sent by E-Mail to the applicant along with guidelines about how to pay the membership fee.

Step No. 4 : After receiving the membership fee, such new members will be introduced to the designated IDEA designated chapter.

Note : The IDEA Management fully reserves rights of granting the IDEA Membership and no reason is required to be given for not granting the membership. Once, membership is granted and introduced to the designated IDEA Chapter, the member is entitled to participate in the programs of such designated chapter, subject to the guidelines issued by the IDEA Management from time to time, by paying prescribed fee and the chapter’s kitty contribution. Members are expected to maintain high dignity and reliability, the IDEA Management is entitled to cancel the IDEA membership for any entrepreneur at any time without assigning any reason, in such case, the membership fee, kitty fee or any other cost paid by such entrepreneur will not be refunded.

Types of IDEA’s Membership:

The IDEA’s Member is an entrepreneur (may be Individual or Firm or Company), to whom membership is granted by the IDEA Management after reviewing the entrepreneur’s application. The membership is granted for the period not exceeding for 6 months, renewable subject to the satisfaction of the performance of the member, once in 6 months.

There are 4 kinds of IDEA Memberships as follows:

1. Individual Member: It is personal membership, the membership will be in the name of person, who applies and which is not transferable.

2. Corporate Member: The corporate membership will be in the name of the enterprises, the enterprise’s management can nominate 3 representatives and the management can change the representatives any time.

3. Multi-Chapter Member: If any member, may be Individual Member or Corporate Member, wishes to become a member in multi-chapters, they can apply, by specifying the number of chapters and locations in the membership application.

4. Multi – Category Member: If any member, may be Individual Member or Corporate Member, has capabilities / skills in dealing with multi products / services and wishes to become a member in multi-categories, they can apply, by specifying the number of categories and locations in the membership application.

IDEA Chapters :

The IDEA Chapter is group of members, constituted as chapter and named by the IDEA Management.

There are 2 types of IDEA Chapters as follows:

1. Independent Chapter : The Only One Member from One Business Category is allowed in the Independent Chapter. The attendance policy is strict in the Independent Chapter, the member is allowed only for 3 weekly meetings in rolling period of 3 months without any valid reasons. However, if member is busy, he / she can send his / her substitute, which is not considered as absent. Member is allowed to send substitute only for 3 weekly meetings in rolling period of 3 months.

2. Central Chapter : In the Central Chapter, Multi-Members are allowed from the Same Business Category. The attendance policy is not strict but the attendance is considered for the evaluation of the performance of the member. The following kind of members will be there in the Central Chapters :

  i. New members until, the IDEA Management designates the Independent Chapter,

  ii. Members who can not attend IDEA Meetings regularly due to their other business pressures.

  iii. Members, who want to take break from IDEA regular meetings for few months. After the break, the IDEA Management may designate any Independent Chapter, where there is vacancy.

No Registration fee for those who join before 31st March, 2021, but Membership fee shall be paid as below

IDEA Membership Fee

Description Corporate Individual
One Time Registration Fee Rs. 3,000/- Rs. 2,000/-
Independent Chapter Monthly Fee (Payable Once in 6 Months) Rs.1,000/- Rs. 750/-
Central Chapter Monthly Fee (Payable Once in 6 Months) Rs. 750/- Rs. 500/-

Note :

1. The above fee is Per Category, Per Chapter. In case of Multi – Category or Multi-Chapters Membership, the fee shall be calculated proportionately.

2. The Chapter’s Kitty Cost / Other events cost will be extra.


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